First Esports Student, Kyle Lin, successfully applied to NCAA DI college Esports team.

First Esports Student, Kyle Lin, successfully applied to NCAA DI college Esports team.

Avid gamer with outstanding academics, Kyle Lin,
is attending US College and joining the Esports team this fall.

Congratulations to the first Esports student “Kyle Lin” for attending NCAA DI University of Wisconsin-Madison, and joining its Esports team.

Kyle’s peak ranking in “Valorant” reached Diamond III

Kyle is currently a senior student at Kang Chiao International School. He is a smart and outstanding student academically, who takes multiple AP qualified courses. Kyle is especially interested in science and math, but also has fluent English capabilities. He received very high 1490 score in SAT exam. Kyle aggressively attends extra curriculum competitions, including Science Olympiads, winning the bronze award of 2022 American Regions Mathematics League, and advancing to the final round of 2022 Columbia Business School Venture for All Model Entrepreneur, which built incredible resume for his college applications.

Besides academic achievements, Kyle loves playing video games. By training under ACA’s eSports Development Coach AsSen, Kyle has gradually become a competitive Esports player. With both Kyle and ACA’s efforts, he reaches his personal goal to attend a top 50 prestigious American College.

NCAA DI University of Wisconsin-Madison

Last summer, ACA helped arrange campus tours to multiple schools, which Kyle preferred to attend. The Esports Department staffs brought Kyle through their programs and resources, giving Kyle better understandings how each school has to offer. Kyle expects to major in computer science in college to combine his interests.

This year, Kyle’s peak ranking in “Valorant” reached Diamond III, and ACA assisted Kyle with applying to NCAA D1 schools. From the five he was admitted, Kyle decided to go to University of Wisconsin-Madison. Congrats Kyle on pursuing his dream, proving that “Gamers can study in American top universities.”

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