About Us

ACA eSports is a college consultancy company that guides gamers and esports players and their families through the complexities of the US college admission process.

We help students gain admission to colleges in the U.S. for esports teams or for esports majors and STEM studies. We assist throughout the whole process, including putting together a player profile, academic history, and all the way through to the college application process and visa requirements.

ACA eSports is partnered in the US with NCSA, the world’s largest and most successful collegiate athletic recruiting network

NCSA is the Official Recruiting Services Partner of the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE).  As the only official governing body for varsity esports, NACE currently has 170+ member schools across the country. In this capacity, NCSA works closely with college esports coaches and industry leaders to provide all the information gamers need to successfully navigate the esports recruiting process and find the right college fit.



Whether you go to the US to play college esports or to study esports and/or STEM subjects, ACA has the connections to help you reach and get admitted to a US college. College esports coaches in America use our online programs to recruit players from around the world.


Our database system allows you to build a custom profile complete with stats, gaming highlights and a skills video so you can get your information in front of the right colleges and the right esports coaches. ACA’s recruiting technology with complex custom algorithms work to match you with your best-fit opportunities – exposing you to team spots, scholarships and academic programs you’d otherwise never be aware of.


ACA is driven by a passion to help gamers succeed. We are here because we love esports and we want to help you to play it or study it and at the same time get a university degree. Our staff of experienced esports and college recruiters will navigate the complex recruiting process on your behalf so you get the attention and service you need to succeed in college esports in America.


ACA works closely with institutions that are members of America’s premier eSports associations, including NACE, College League of Legends, Collegiate Starleague, and TESPA.

In Asia, ACA works with PLANET9, the next-generation competitive eEports platform by Acer, where we act as platform’s Official College Recruiting Partner.

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