Grades and Their Influence on College Recruiting

Grades and Their Influence on College Recruiting

Your grades are a very important part of the college recruiting process.

Athletic ability is a coach’s prime target, but without the grades to support and complement your resume, you could be passed over.  That is the reason that athletes, and their parents must understand the importance of keeping an eye on your grades throughout high school.

🚩The four questions coaches ask

College coaches ask four questions when they discover prospects they may want to recruit:

  1. Can the athlete compete at our level?
  2. Can he or she improve our team?
  3. Will the athlete be admitted to our college and will they be able to stay here?
  4. If so, how much academic money will he or she qualify to receive?

🚩Grades closely trail athleticism

Of course, coaches want to recruit athletes capable of competing at their level.   Every roster spot is precious to coaches, and each recruited athlete is expected to contribute.  The scholarship money they spend on recruits is a true investment in their programs and their institutions.

🚩Grades – a link to athletic opportunities

The higher a high school athlete’s GPA and test scores, the more college opportunities will be available.  

Once coach said, “We mix athletic with academic money, along with need-based dollars, grants, and loans to come up with financial packages for our recruits.  The better the athlete’s GPA and test scores, the more academic money we can throw their way.”

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